'Our multiform, our infinite Pacific' – Guest-edited by Dougal McNeill and Philip Steer


Roslyn Jolly  
Stevenson's Pacific Transnarratives
Jane Stafford  
Reading The Bothie of Toper-na-fuosich in the Bothie of Porirua Road:
Thomas Arnold, Arthur Hugh Clough and Literary Emigration  
Anne Maxwell  
Building Friendships: 'Civility' and 'Savagery' in R. L. Stevenson's The Beach of Falesá and The Ebb Tide
Michelle Keown  
Isles of Voices: Scotland in the Indigenous Pacific Literary Imagination
Taku Yamamoto  
Appropriating Robert Louis Stevenson: Nakajima Atsushi in Pre-War Japan
Sylvie Largeaud-Ortéga  
A Scotsman's Pacific: Shifting Identities in R. L. Stevenson's Postcolonial Fiction
Jonathan Lamb  
Dancing and Romancing: The Obstacle of the Beach and the Threshold of the Past

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