About IJSL

The International Journal of Scottish Literature is a peer-reviewed online journal which aims to develop and circulate international perspectives on Scottish writing.


In recent years there have been many contentious debates in Scottish literary studies surrounding the nature and direction of the field. The aim of the International Journal of Scottish Literature is to provide an academic platform for the critical discussion and re-evaluation of the discipline. How have recent theoretical developments altered our conceptions of the nation, or of national literature? How has Scottish literature been perceived at an international level, and how do Scottish writers and critics engage with non-Scottish literary contexts? What can the discipline gain from establishing more comparative links? This journal exists in order to question these often-provocative critical matters. As an online journal, IJSL is a venue as well as a stimulus of such discussion.

The journal is published by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies, and emerged from the work of the ASLS International Committee in particular. The journal is indexed by the Modern Language Association International Bibliography, and included in its Directory of Periodicals.

The founding editors of IJSL were Dr Eleanor Bell of the University of Strathclyde, and Dr Scott Hames of the University of Stirling. From issue seven, Professor Ian Duncan of the University of California at Berkeley took the place of Dr Bell. Jacqui Ryder and Meghan McAvoy were our excellent Reviews Assistants

The journal is currently in abeyance, and is not accepting new submissions or proposals
. Enquiries to scott.hames@stir.ac.uk.


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