Internationalism Now?


Alastair Renfrew
Brief Encounters, Long Farewells: Bakhtin and Scottish Literature

Carole Jones
White Men on Their Backs — From Objection to Abjection:
The Representation of the White Male as Victim in William McIlvanney's Docherty and Irvine Welsh's Marabou Stork Nightmares

Tom Hubbard
Doing Something Uncustomary: Edwin Morgan and Attila József

David Farrier
Unwritable Dwellings, Unsettled Texts:
Robert Louis Stevenson's In the South Seas and the Vailima House

Carla Sassi
Re-establishing Complexities:
Researching and Teaching Scottish Literature inside/outside Scotland

David Goldie
Hugh MacDiarmid, Harry Lauder and Scottish Popular Culture


Carla Sassi, Why Scottish Literature Matters, reviewed by Alan Riach

Richard Ambrosini and Richard Dury, eds. R.L. Stevenson: Writer of Boundaries, reviewed by Manfred Malzahn

Occasional Paper

Manfred Malzahn on recent German-language RLS Criticism


Notes on Contributors


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