Caribbean-Scottish Passages - Guest-edited by Gemma Robinson and Carla Sassi


Karina Williamson
Mrs Carmichael: A Scotswoman in the West Indies, 1820-1826

Michael Morris
Joseph Knight: Scotland and the Black Atlantic

Daniel Livesay
Extended Families: Mixed-Race Children and the Scottish Experience, 1770-1820

Alan Riach
Other Than Realism: Magic and Violence in Modern Scottish Fiction and the Recent Work of Wilson Harris

Corey E. Andrews
'Ev'ry Heart can Feel': Scottish Poetic Responses to Slavery in the West Indies, from Blair to Burns


Occasional Papers

Kei Miller, 'But in Glasgow, There are Plantains'

Murdo Macdonald, 'The uneasiness inherent to culture: A note on Michael Visocchi's Memorial to the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade'

Andrew O. Lindsay, 'Burns as "Negro-Driver" or "Illustrious Exile": Revisiting Illustrious Exile: Journal of my Sojourn in the West Indies (2006)'


Notes on Contributors


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