Russian/Modernist Connections


Dougal McNeill
Is Life Beautiful? Narrative Uncertainty and 'Literary anti-Trotskyism' in Trainspotting

Michael Whitworth
Forms of Culture in Hugh MacDiarmid's 'Etika Preobrazhennavo Erosa'

Laurence Nicoll
In Place of Dialectics: Freedom and Contingency in Russian and Scottish Fiction

Andrew J. Sneddon
’We will beat the landlords and the scenic sentimentalists':
Neil M. Gunn and Landscape Discourse in the 'Hydro' Debates


Louisa Gairn, Ecology and Modern Scottish Literature, reviewed by Lawrence Buell

Simon Kövesi, James Kelman, reviewed by J.C. Bittenbender

J. Douglas Macarthur, Claiming Your Portion of Space: A Study of the Short Stories of James Kelman, reviewed by Iain Lambert

Oliver S. Buckton, Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson and Roslyn Jolly, Robert Louis Stevenson in the Pacific, reviewed by Glenda Norquay

Occasional Paper

Stuart Kelly, 'How Tartan is Your Text?'


Notes on Contributors


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