Burns and the World - Guest-edited by Liam McIlvanney


Gerard Carruthers
Robert Burns and Ireland

Fiona Stafford
Lice, Mice, Bumclocks, Grubs: The Challenge of Regional Language and the Legacy of Robert Burns

Gilles Soubigou
The Reception of Robert Burns' poems in French Art

David Goldie
Robert Burns and the First World War

Corey E. Andrews
The Genius of Scotland: Robert Burns and His Critics, 1796-1828

Alex Watson
Thirteen Ways of Glossing 'To a Haggis': Disputing the Borders of Robert Burns' Paratexts

Leith Davis
Negotiating Cultural Memory: James Currie’s Works of Robert Burns

Jeffrey Skoblow
Two Talks on Burns


David Duff and Catherine Jones (eds), Scotland, Ireland and the Romantic Aesthetic and Murray Pittock, Scottish and Irish Romanticism, reviewed by Katie Trumpener

Ian Duncan, Scott's Shadow: The Novel in Romantic Edinburgh, reviewed by Alison Lumsden

Frank Ferguson and Andrew R. Holmes (eds), Revising Robert Burns and Ulster: Literature Religion and Politics, c. 1770-1920, reviewed by Gavin Falconer


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