Translation and Scottish Literature - Guest-edited by John Corbett


Beatrix Hesse
The Unco Tales of Robert Louis Stevenson in German Translation

J. Derrick McClure
Goldoni in Scots

Olivier Demissy-Cazeilles
Iain Banks in French: Translating ‘The Foreigner Within’

Jean Berton
Translating Scottish Literary Texts: A Linguistic Clover-Leaf

Aniela Korzeniowska
James Kelman: A Resistance to Transfer


Alessandra Petrina (ed.), Machiavelli in the British Isles: Two Early Modern Translations of The Prince, reviewed by Patrick Hart

John Kerrigan, Archipelagic English: Literature, History, and Politics 1603-1707, reviewed by Jonathan Hope

Simon Hall, The History of Orkney Literature, reviewed by Manfred Malzahn

Occasional Paper

James Costa, 'Language, Ideology and the "Scottish Voice"'

Notes on Contributors


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